Dear Friends of Neonatus Conference,

This year Neonatus 2019 (October 10-11, 2019) has some nice surprise for you. Neonatus 2019 will take place in WARSAW (Airport Okęcie **** Warsaw Hotel). It is 7th time that we will meet with you.

Authors of one of the more well-known textbooks “Fetal and Neonatal Physiology”: Richard Polin and Wiliam Fox will participate Neonatus 2019. They will share with us the knowledge about the pathology of the respiratory system and the latest therapeutic methods of lung diseases in the neonatal period. During the meeting, we will have the opportunity to listen to lectures on topics related to hypotension, pulmonary hypertension, the use of ECMO in neonatology and the strategy of using inotropic drugs and more. Lectures on this subject will be given by Judit Llevadias, Yogen Singh and Neil Patel. Issues of surfactant and potentially new methods of administering these preparations will be presented by Angelika Berger, while Alan Lucas will discuss issues related to feeding newborns and strengthening breast milk. Sinno Simons will present issues related to the pharmacology of drugs used in the neonatal period. In turn, Mitch Goldstein will present interesting data on RSV prevention among premature babies. Also, ultrasound and echocardiographic courses will take place during the meeting.

We hope that allowing you to interact directly with these personalities and the merit of the meeting will expand your knowledge and provide you with the tools to face the challenges of professional everyday life.

NEONATUS is a cycle of conferences dedicated to a clinically useful infant care, addressed to neonatologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and children surgeons  with a strong emphasis on clinical investigations supported by evidence based medicine. Meetings have fixed sessions: Postgraduate Education, News, Treatment / Diagnosis: Effective Vs. ineffective, Multicenter clinical study, Research reports and practical workshops.


See you in Poznan,
Scientific Committee:
Jan Mazela, MD PhD