Dear Friends of NEONATUS,

This year NEONATUS 2018 has some nice surprise for you. It is 6th time that we will meet with you and thus we decided to have something special. As some of the regions are struggling with lack of neonatologists and less invasive approach limited number of invasive procedures the neonatal training also is changing. We will renowned and senior tutors, mentors, professors at the meeting and thus we would like to engage them in the discussion on how to improve, modify tutoring and teaching neonatal medicine. We will give you the opportunity to directly interact with them, ask them what to do to become or to train Super Neonatologist. You will have a chance to challenge Richard Martin, Avroy Fanaroff, Ola Saugstad and David Adamkin. But it is not only that, you will hear some interesting topics such as relationship between heart variability and infection, role of gut microbiome in perinatal medicine, new nutritional guidelines and trends, and how lung ultrasonography changed neonatal care from such renowned speakers like: Irwin Reiss, Peter Konturek, Mohamed Sulaiman, Marvin Edeas, Sinno Simons and Luigi Cattarossi.

We are waiting to you in Poznan, please join NEONATUS.
Jan Mazela and Janusz Gadzinowski

NEONATUS is a cycle of conferences dedicated to a clinically useful infant care, addressed to neonatologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and children surgeons  with a strong emphasis on clinical investigations supported by evidence based medicine. Meetings have fixed sessions: Postgraduate Education, News, Treatment / Diagnosis: Effective Vs. ineffective, Multicenter clinical study, Research reports and practical workshops.


See you in Poznan,
Scientific Committee:
Jan Mazela, MD PhD
Janusz Gadzinowski, Prof.